• Graphenstone healhty environments
  • Graphenstone healhty environments
  • Graphenstone healhty environments

Create healthier environments

The health benefits of Graphenstone products are for everyone and can turn your existing home or office into an eco- sustainable environment by improving air quality. All of the Graphenstone top coat systems offer Ultra Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and are free from harmful emissions.
Graphenstone Biosphere, Graphenstone Ecosphere and Graphenstone Atmosphere Interior are endorsed by Sensitive Choice and the National Asthma Council Australia and are an ideal, natural paint system solution for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities.

Passive Functionality

"Paints and coatings should not only create a space of contentment but actually work for us in new ways"

- Gareth Connell, Specialised Product Manager, Nutech Graphenstone ANZ -

Graphenstone is the ultimate eco-logical range of products, based on natural elements that purify the air we breathe.
We refer to the benefits of Graphenstone products as paints that offer “passive functionality.” This means that not only do Graphenstone paints improve the aesthetic, ambient quality of an environment but also improve the air quality of that environment

Imagine if you could solve some of the environmental issues by simply painting them away…

With Graphenstone, you can.

Graphenstone Biosphere and Graphenstone Ecosphere provide ultra-low VOC and no harmful emissions. Like a tree, Graphenstone paints capture carbon dioxide (CO2). As the paint dries the CO2 is locked in for good. Essentially turning the coating into graphene reinforced limestone. As little as 45 litres of Graphenstone Biosphere or Graphenstone Ecosphere will absorb over 14kg of CO2. The same amount of CO2 a 250kg tree will absorb in 12 months.

You can quite literally turn Your home into a tree, Your house into a garden or Your town into a forest.

Other levels of passive functionality within the Graphenstone range of top coat finishes provide ultra-low VOC and no harmful emissions. Graphenstone Atmosphere Interior (tested to ISO16000 – 3, 11 & 23) is designed specifically to absorb and convert formaldehyde. An active ingredient within Atmosphere Interior breaks down atmospheric formaldehyde at a molecular level into an inert water vapour without any toxic emissions, mitigating ongoing issues associated with sick building syndrome. The active ingredient in Atmosphere Interior is so effective, it will convert over 65% of the airborne formaldehyde in the first 24 hours after application.

Graphenstone Proshield (tested to IEE 299:2006) offers 32dB of attenuation at 900MHz to provide electromagnetic shielding from the likes of smart meters with other qualities such as improved RFID and Wi-Fi signal strength in the home or commercial spaces.

High quality lime base

Formula based on artisinal
lime of maximum purity.

Graphene Technology

Provides strength, flexibility and durability without the need of synthetic polymers or resins.

Breathable. Purifies the environment

Provide breathability to the substrate which can minimise issues with condensation

Breathable. Absorbs CO2

Just 45 litres of Bio/Ecosphere will absorb the same amount of CO2 as a 250kg tree in 12 months.

Excellent covering power

Excellent quality
& covering power.

Washable and resistant

Graphenstone is ideal for day to day use.
Easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Flexible. Not cracking

Resists cracking
or blistering.

Material and work savings

Material and work savings.
Easy and efficient application.

High resistance and durability

Graphene backbone provides excellent durability & resistance to the elements.