• Graphenstone high quality lime
    High Quality Lime
  • Graphenstone high quality lime
    Traditional method
  • Graphenstone high quality lime
    Maximum Purity


High Purity Lime is a key raw material of Graphenstone Biosphere and Ecosphere

Graphenstone Ecosphere and Graphenstone Biosphere products utilise a high purity artisinal lime in order to provide functional attributes such as carbon capture, natural anti- bacterial and insecticide properties.

To achieve such a high purity, the lime is produced in a time honoured artisinal tradition since the mid nineteenth century. The production of which utilises a 100% natural process incorporating highest quality calcium and sustainably managed timber to fire the kilns. The result; a sustainable high quality lime offering greater purity and whiteness.

Cal artesanal de alta calidad
100% artisinal

We use artisan lime of the
highest quality and purity.

Cal artesanal de alta calidad

We use natural and ecological
raw materials.

Cal artesanal de alta calidad

The high quality lime achieves
an incomparable level of whiteness.